This is a journey...

that will leave you feeling truly yourself on the day you say "I do."

Having a bespoke gown is different than going to a bridal boutique and buying your dress. The process is collaborative, creative and exciting. Mara Marie will construct your perfect wedding dress on your body, allowing you to see the full transformation from sketch to dress.

Gown Development

Every dress starts with an inspiration, a vision of what your perfect wedding dress will look like. During your first in-person appointment Mara Marie will provide fabric swatches, inspirational images, and sketches that match your vision. Mara Marie is adamant about sourcing you the best materials for your gown as these elements directly impact the fit of your gown.

Initial Toile

Definition of Toile : an early version of a finished garment made up in cheap material so that the design can be tested and perfected.

A toile is made within the basic silhouette of your dress - usually starting with the bodice. Mara Marie will create about 3 to 4 fits to ensure that she is achieving your perfect fit before cutting into the final fabric.

This process usually starts around 6 to 8 months out from wedding date. Since Mara Marie creates a series of toiles' this accommodates for any changes you may experience.

Final Toile

About 3 months before your wedding day, Mara Marie will create the final toile to ensure that your gown has the perfect fit. At this time any last adjustment are finalized, allowing Mara Marie to cut into your chosen gown fabric.


Photography by Marit Williams Photography